Knocking On Your Door- Single

Fish Legs 2017

Album Info:

Knocking on Your Door (Carrasco/Pedley)

The Baker Brothers release their new album, High Rez, early in 2017. Their first release since 2014's highly acclaimed Hear No Evil, High Rez explores new territory for the band, mixing, drum n bass, hip hop and house into their trademark soul/funk sound. The album features the Baker Brothers signature instrumental sound alongside vocal collaborations with New Orleans soul songstress Acantha Lang and rappers Mike Beatz from Jamaica and Miami's Lex One. High Rez is The Baker Brothers' tenth studio album and is both vibrant and laid back, an easy coalescence of smooth soul and down-and-dirty funk colliding with a mixture of new styles for the band.

Knocking on Your Door is the 4th track on the album and the 2nd of Acantha Lang’s full length features. It’s set to an agile Drum & Bass rhythm which provides an ideal context for Lang’s vocal stylings. Dreamy and driving, subtle and provocative, Knocking on you Door is one of the standout tracks on the album.